The Health Care Crises on the Women in America

The health insurance plans for men and women between the ages of 19 and 64 are similar in coverage requirements however; the pattern of which gender is insured differs. Over 110 million Americans are insured through the company that they work for, while 10 million individuals, women slightly more than men, buy personal insurance for themselves and family. The remaining approximately 8 million individuals are insured through Medicare or the military and other places.  More women are actually insured by Medicare than men.  The rest of the population not falling under any of these categories is not insured at all.

Women generally have lower incomes than men, 17 percent of women in the 19 – 64 age group live below the poverty level.  Women earn roughly a third less than their male counterparts.  In 2004, the average American woman, earned $22, 000 while the average man earned $32,000.

Some individuals are insured part of the year but not all year.  This occurs with part-time workers, however the stats indicate that approximately 13% of men are part-time workers, while 22% of women are part-time workers.  Furthermore, more women are likely to be without jobs the whole year as opposed to their male counterparts. This stat provided by Eriu (Economic Research Initiative of Insured, indicates that 14 percent of American women are not insured year-long.

Since women are more likely to be unemployed or working only part time, they have less access to employer-based insurance, which is more affordable than private based health insurance. Most women will depend upon their spouses for insurance coverage rather than their employer because they may not have one.  At a quick glance it does look like a valuable option but this type of insurance called dependent coverage has its shortfalls as well. This coverage is not very dependable; the women must remain married, and depend on her husband to stay in the job and also to want to cover her in the first place. Even more disturbing is the fact that employers have been cutting back on dependent coverage because the cost is beyond their financial budgets as well.

Age also plays an important role in dependent coverage; older workers between the ages of 50 – 64 are targeted in this equation. Older woman married to older men stand to loss their dependent coverage when their spouse becomes eligible for Medicare. If the woman is too young for Medicare and has no access to the more affordable coverage through her workplace, providing she is working, she would have no choice but to turn to the very expensive personal insurance.  The big problem here is that typically, women do not have the earning potential to afford these costly health insurance plans.

Many women and men consider individual insurance but only a few women actually purchase it. The women that are purchasing private insurance are the rare few that are in the 200 percent above poverty level group, and do not reflect the economic stats of the average woman in America today.

These women are relatively healthy, only about 10 percent report having an illness.  Women who are older and have pre-existing medical conditions have less of a chance of securing adequate health insurance even if they fall in the select few who can afford it.

Furthermore, women use health care services more often than men.  Pregnancy and pre-natal care is a big concern for American women.  Women also use more medication than men to on the average, they have more chronic conditions and they treated more often for anxiety and depression.

Due to these medical needs and drain on the health care system, even though women have lower incomes they also have more out of pocket payments to make.

Enzymes and Your Health, Introduction

Appropriate sustenance these days of GMOs and far reaching air, water and land contamination, is precarious, best case scenario. Just in my lifetime we have gone from a close immaculate world to one where contamination runs widespread.

The Mediterranean Sea, once plenteous with life, has been dead since the 1950’s. The air we inhale is being contaminated by industry as well as by the diabolical burning motor to the point where the very air we inhale, which maintains life, turned out to be polluted to the point that contamination was recognized at the pinnacle of Mount Everest in the 1950’s.

Significant world urban areas, even in this cutting edge period of edification with respect to contamination, for example, Victoria, BC (yes, there are some more, generally in Asia and Africa), pump both crude and almost untreated sewage straightforwardly into the sea that encompasses and maintains it.

With dirtied or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) widespread around the world, an expanding total populace going after the tad bit of sustenance we can pick up, we should be set up to supplement our eating regimens with the best possible chemicals keeping in mind the end goal to protect legitimate obsorption of supplements and great wellbeing on the grounds that our bodies are getting the nourishment we have to keep up that wellbeing.

The makers of Bio88+ (Plus) utilize just the exceptionally finest “confirmed” natural parts really taking shape of their profoundly nutritious sustenance item. In itself it gives for all intents and purposes the greater part of the additional sustenance, as vitamins and minerals, that you require in your eating routine with a specific end goal to keep up fantastic wellbeing. Bio88+ (Plus) is delivered in an administration administered research facility utilizing an antiquated Native North American maturation handle. Don’t hesitate to contact the creator by email for extra data.

Food Nutrition Facts

Nowadays it’s just so hard to get anything into your children mouths unless it’s first been go through an energetic treatment of handling. Anything where all the integrity has been drained out, or on the other hand where all the nourishment has been overpowered by different substances, is the kind of sustenance that you’ll discover is the thing that your children need to eat. Also, when you’re in a rush, this is the sustenance that you’ll depend on eating too.

All handled nourishments are at the foundation of all your awful dietary patterns, and you ought to happen to mindful of this in order to have the capacity to in any event put an end on it. You won’t have the capacity to do it without any weaning period, and you won’t not have the capacity to do it by any means, however in the event that you know your sustenance nourishment certainties it’ll be that much less demanding for you to settle on an educated choice.

Nourishment sustenance actualities can help you choose what nourishments are bad for you and what nourishments are. You’ll even run over some nourishment sustenance truths that objective quick sustenances alone. From this you ought to have the capacity to choose which kind of quick sustenances you should avoid, and which sorts are okay to eat.

When you begin finding out about nourishment sustenance certainties there’s even a decent shot that you may turn out to be so frightened to realize what you’re eating that you may even attempt an entire change in your eating regimen. Regardless of the possibility that this goes on for a little time, it’s alright, since you’ve attempted a superior sound living arrangement. You may do not have the dedication to it now, yet when you’re prepared you’ll return to it and begin investigating every one of those nourishment sustenance certainties once more.

There’s truly one and only thing that you have to recollect at this moment however, and that will be that prepared nourishments are awful for you. Alongside misleadingly sweetened drinks these can turn into an undesirable living style for you and your children. So investigate some nourishment sustenance certainties and locate a superior method for living and eating that will be more advantageous all around. You’ll be more advantageous for it, as well as at last you’ll be more joyful for it as well.

Ease Your Back Pain the Natural Way

With 80% of people experiencing back pain at some point during their lives, pain-reducing treatment is consistently in high demand. Modern medicine may have many people believe that pain-killing pills are the most effective treatment for back conditions, but the human body is pretty incredible at self-healing! That is, of course, provided it is properly maintained and looked after. A person who suffers from back pain and eats an unhealthy diet, for example, may not have the same self-healing capabilities as someone who eats food that is high in nutrition.

Years and years of scientific research have proven that the food we eat is capable of both harming and healing the body; with poor diet habits often leading to conditions such as obesity and osteoarthritis. Empowering yourself with knowledge and implementing healthy food choices into your diet can help you to strengthen joints and muscles as well as shed any excess weight that may be contributing to your back pain.

Here is a list of some of the incredible foods that can help you to self-heal:


Pineapples contain a large amount of strong anti-inflammatory enzymes that can help to facilitate the body’s self-healing process. Bear in mind that these natural enzymes are not typically found in tinned pineapple, so always buy it fresh.


The berry family – specifically strawberries, blueberries, acai berries, raspberries, blackberries and cranberries – hold inflammation-fighting antioxidants that can help to combat pain. If possible, try to buy organic berries to avoid pesticides and chemical residues.

Green Tea

Named as one of the healthiest drinks available, green tea contains a host of antioxidants and aids the body in the detoxification process. For optimum results, drink 2-3 cups of green tea every day.

Grass Fed Beef

Beef may have developed a bit of a bad reputation because of saturated fats, but grass fed beef is actually low in saturated fat and high in nutrients. This healthier beef is also loaded with CLA – a powerful fat that aids weight loss.


Tumeric is a natural spice that is made up of a strong inflammation-fighting compound called curcumin; one of the strongest natural pain killing compounds available. Using this spice in cooking can be a highly effective way to reduce chronic pain.


The smell is not the only thing that’s powerful about garlic – the popular food is widely acknowledged as a natural aid to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce the risk of cancer.


Traditionally used to combat nausea and indigestion, ginger is also an effective inflammation fighter.


An inadequate intake of water can cause muscle spasms and an increase in blood thickness. Even being slightly dehydrated can cause a host of problems and a slow metabolism. The body is made up of 66% water; everything – including your muscles and joints – can be negatively impacted if you do not drink enough H20!

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Top Vitamins to Help Combat Depression & Improve Your Mood

We are finally beginning to learn that mental illness is as real and medically treatable as any physical illness, and thankfully this openness has increased dialogue into how and why people suffer from depression, or “the blues.”

While there are some people who will respond to therapy as a treatment, for many more people the issue is a chemical or nutritional imbalance which cannot be willed away – much like how you can’t just decide not to have diabetes anymore if you just stay really, really positive.

Medicine has come a long way in treating severe depression, but for some people the answer may lie in the foods we eat – or more accurately, the ones we don’t.

How Nutrition Affects Your Mental Health

Our bodies run very similar to machines – you have to put quality fuel in or else they won’t work as efficiently as they should. One of the leading causes of feeling low or mild depression is a lack of Vitamin D, which most people used to get from exposure to sunlight. However with environmental factors these days creating health concerns about spending time in direct light without the aid of sunscreen, it is rare to find anyone whose body produces enough of this important vitamin on its own.

Vitamin D plays an important role in the function of our bodies and in our mental well-being. Its main purpose it to ensure absorption of calcium to keep our bones in tip-top shape, but a great deal of medical evidence suggests that it is also responsible for at least part of your production of serotonin, or the “happiness” chemical.

Lower Vitamin D levels mean that your body is unable to produce enough chemical to elevate your mood to where it naturally should be. Choosing to incorporate a Vitamin D supplement can elevate serotonin production, leading to a more normal feeling of calm for those who suffer from feeling low or from mild depression.

How To Eat Like an Entrepreneur

It’s not about designing products to sell – or selling other people’s products. My clients eat ordinary foods they buy at the grocery store, and I make food recommendations to help them think better, work better, flip their moods, perform better athletically, and stop being sick.

For a while, I’ve avoided the term ‘psychoactive nutrition’ because I worried that folks would go glassy-eyed at the word “psychoactive”. But it feels like the right time to put that word on display and start telling people exactly how it can benefit them.

Let’s start with a simple definition of “psychoactive” from Taber’s, my favorite medical dictionary: “affecting mental state, such as a drug that has that action.”

Psychoactive nutrition uses foods as the drugs that affect mental state.

Spoiler Alert: Foods also affect certain hormones, which in turn affect mental state. So hormones and brain chem may be linked.

Can Psychoactive Nutrition Make You an Entrepreneur?

Okay, psychoactive nutrition will not directly lead to a new career track. But it has been said that entrepreneurial tests are primarily mental. To the degree that how you eat can affect your work and mental performance, you never know, right?

Too much excellent material has been written about the characteristics of entrepreneurs, so it wouldn’t make sense to write about that here. But it would make sense to mention a few traits that might be influenced by food.

An entrepreneur would want to have tenacity, think clearly, visualize goals and stay focused on them. She/he would listen and communicate well to avoid having to repeat instructions or redo tasks due to poor communication. These traits are among those influenced by the neurotransmitter dopamine. Eating to boost that chemical may in turn enhance the traits.

A good entrepreneur would also have the self-control to wait until he fully understood the situation before making important decisions, rather than going in a hasty, rash, or even destructive direction. In addition, she would show concern for fairness and avoiding harm to others. The neurochemical serotonin would enable these behavior traits.

What About Avoiding the 2:30 Slump?

Eating the right way can also help you avoid energy ups and down, or the need for 2 or 3 cups of coffee to re-awaken you right after lunch. It may also eliminate that late-afternoon crash that makes concentration and focus difficult.

Think of the right lunch as enabling you to return to work as motivated as you were in the morning. (Let’s assume you ate right first thing in the morning!)

How Else Can Psychoactive Nutrition Help You?

Because of their effects on hormones, the foods you eat can help you manage – and even reverse – metabolic conditions. Those typically originate with insulin resistance. They include diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, high triglycerides, and more. All of them are risk factors for heart disease.

Psychoactive nutrition can also help you control your appetite, your food preferences, and any food cravings you may have. In fact, it can help you eliminate cravings altogether. Eating to change your brain chemistry is one of the best ways to stop binge eating.

Sleep problems are often easy to fix with the right foods. And you can use psychoactive nutrition to stop mood swings and improve mood generally. Any of these may be related to either brain chemistry or insulin – or both.

Health Benefits Of Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin capsules are commonly derived from gelatin that is used to enclose various nutritional supplements. These are refined from animal products. Their shells have no taste and therefore these are easy to swallow.

Gelatin capsules have advantages for both manufacturers and its users as well. To know about the health benefits of these capsules, have a look at the below-mentioned points.

Anti-aging: Undoubtedly, gelatin capsules can do wonders for your skin. It helps to regenerate skin cells and make your skin glowing and blemish free all the time. It is a good product to use in anti-aging creams or lotions because it hides all the signs of aging.

Wrinkles: Is your skin look older than you because of wrinkles? Want to get rid of wrinkles on your face? If yes, so gelatin capsules are the right product for you to use. These capsules are made from animal products and therefore, contain some amino acids in it, which helps to give you a wrinkle-free skin.

Weight Loss: One of the common problems of our today’s generation is heavy weights which actually ruins their self-confidence and to get rid of it, they use so many tablets or pills that never give them any result. Now you don’t need to worry because these capsules are really helpful in weight loss because it is full of protein, which helps you to eat less. By the way of these capsules, you can quickly reduce your weight without any side-effects.

Healthy Bones: Another major benefit of consuming gelatin capsules is that it helps to strengthen your bones. These capsules actually contain calcium, magnesium, silicon, and trace minerals, which help to stronger your bones. And therefore it is widely used in various joint pain treatments.

Hormone Balance: These are really helpful in balancing hormones because of the presence of amino acid in it. It makes your body healthy and active as well.

Reduce Food Allergies: No doubt, the problem of food allergy is common in people and to get rid of this no option is better than the gelatin capsules. These capsules help to improve your digestive system, which in result helps to reduce food allergies.
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4 Easy Habits To Help You Lose Weight

The issue with changing our way of life is that our propensities are to a great degree hard to change. What’s more, our ways of life are comprised of numerous propensities that have gotten to be imbued throughout the years. Changing a propensity can turn into an extremely troublesome self change extend that requests a great deal of inspiration and responsibility.

Numerous individuals attempt to roll out a great deal of improvements at the same time trying to get prompt results. This is to a great degree hard to achieve and accordingly, they frequently surrender their endeavors to make sound propensities and resort to the typical negative wellbeing propensities they had before they made the endeavor.

Way of life changes are hard. That is the reason it is ideal to change one wellbeing propensities at once with the goal that you don’t abstain from getting to be overpowered and quit attempting to be solid out and out. In some cases it just takes a couple days or a couple of weeks of attempting to live sound before a solid way of life turns into a propensity we can live with.

The secret to making sound living propensities is to start step by step. On the off chance that you expect prompt changes from a craze or in vogue eating regimen and work out schedule, you will probably be baffled and quit before you see any enduring results. In the event that you roll out slow improvements to the what you eat and how you work out, it gets to be simpler and you are less inclined to end up demoralized and quit.

Begin with simply these 4 little and continuous way of life changes:

1. Eat one sound feast a day.

In the event that you attempt to eat only one solid feast every day, you will encourage your body with enough great nourishment and sound proteins. Take a stab at getting in one sound feast of organic products, vegetables and incline meats (for protein) consistently.

In the event that the sustenance is solid for you, it for the most part won’t contain a considerable measure of void calories and cause the weight pick up that you can see when you eat garbage nourishment or very prepared sustenances. Eating a great deal turns into a propensity, so you ought to attempt to watch your part sizes. The key is to eat until you’re fulfilled, not until you’re full.

2. Drink a glass of water before every dinner.

Water is maybe the best fluid you can drink. Nearly everything else contains sugar or other unfilled calories. When you drink water before a feast, (8-ounces is sufficient), you’ll feel more full before eating and this may help you eat less at the supper.

3. Nibble on a dinner substitution bar.

I jump at the chance to keep a stash of granola bars in my work area at work so I can get one at whatever point I feel hungry or need a vitality kick. Supper substitution bars will keep you from going hitting the candy machines and eating poor sustenance decisions. Take a stab at getting a supper substitution bar high in fiber and with no less than 10 to 15 grams of protein for every bar.

4. Practice routinely.

In the event that you have a rec center enrollment, have a go at utilizing it no less than 3-4 times each week. On the off chance that you don’t, pick an action you appreciate and benefit as much as possible from it three or four times each week. Strive for no less than a half hour for each session. Keep in mind that old business, thirty minutes a day, three days a week. It truly works. Activity will expand yours vitality, build construct bulk, and will help you lose or keep up weight by smoldering off abundance calories.

Can Natural Herbal Medicines Be Used To Treat Chronic Diseases?

Herbology involves the study and the use of plants for medicinal purpose. The use of natural herbal medicine has been since the traditional times, and it has spread to the modern times too. Chinese, the Indians, and Egyptians used herbs to treat diseases and also assist in the body functions. They used to take the herbs in raw form, i.e., they were not processed, but they had the knowledge to know which herb worked where. In the recent times, the herbal medicines come in different forms such as the tablets, tinctures, extracts, teas, syrups and each is used in a specific way in the body.

The use of the herbal medicines has been on the increase, especially for people suffering from chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are diseases that have lasted for a long time, preferably more than three months. Some of the chronic diseases include different kinds of cancer, epilepsy, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, obesity amongst others. Doctors are now advising their patients to take natural medicines so that they are able to manage their conditions. Obviously, these diseases have been treated by use of conventional drugs for a long while, but the decision to use alternative medicine is for various reasons.

The primary purpose of natural herbal medicine is to help the body get back to its normal state and also aid in the healing process. They have been found to be more effective, much cheaper than the conventional drugs and last longer in the body than other drugs. Different herbs have different ways in which they work the body system. With there being an increase of chronic diseases nowadays, the medical cost is always on the higher side. This is because some doctors have not informed about the use of herbal drugs and also the pharmaceutical companies would like to gain their profits from their overpriced drugs.

Some chronic diseases have been found to respond to other alternatives such as acupuncture, herbal therapy, exercise so as to strengthen the body for better healing. The natural herbal medicines are not meant to replace the conventional drugs, but they are intended to work together to restore wholeness. For a person with the chronic disease, they will have first to be treated first so that the body returns to its normal function. While they take the herbal supplements, they should combine this with exercise and proper nutrition. For the chronic diseases that require one to combine conventional drugs and herbal medicines, it is advisable to walk with a doctor for proper guidance.

Antioxidant Benefits – Apple Juice

Apple juice is one thing that is first recommended for babies who like sweets and since it has many important antioxidants and vitamins it is preferred. Apple juice is the most widely used juice in the world. It is the juice that is prepared by maceration and pressing of apples. The extraction from this is then filtered and is given as a clear and pasteurized juice. Apple juice is an effective way to start the day and quench one’s thirst during hot summers. Besides being delicious and enjoyable to drink, it is popular because it is very healthy.

By evaporating fresh apple essence extracted from apples the juice concentrate is prepared. There are two types of apple concentrates. It’s a cloudy juice concentrate that is clear juice concentrate. By removing pectin and starch during the production process, the clear juice concentrate is produced. Usually apple juices tend to have cloudy appearance because there are evenly distributed suspensions of the small pulp in the juice concentrate.

According to studies, the cloudy apple drink is considered to be healthier than the clear juice because it contains a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants are nothing but compounds which neutralizes free radicals, molecules that damage the body cells and add to various diseases. Consumers prefer to drink clear juice because it has a longer shelf life. After knowing the benefits of the apple juice it is good to eat the whole apple with the skin, rather than drinking juice to get all the antioxidants present in the fruit.

A wide range of apples can be used for producing apple juice and these juices are packed with vitamins A and C. It is a very powerful cleanser and a general tonic for the entire body. If the taste of the juice is very strong, using water dilute the juice or mix it with vegetable juice such as lemon, cucumber or carrot. Otherwise mix it with other fruit. Few people even opt to an apple diet; this involves the intake of raw vegetable and fruit juices as a means of detoxification. This helps in eliminating toxins from the body. By doing this toxins which harm the body tissue are transformed chemically to less harmful compounds excreted through stools or urine. One of the main reasons this fruit is used because it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Nutrition benefits of apple juice:

There is a high concentration of phenolics in apples which help in protecting one from several diseases which are associated with aging, heart diseases and cancer too. Vitamin C present in apples, contain the mineral nutrient boron which is said to promote healthy bones. It also helps to reduce the blood cholesterol level and improves bowel function, and reduces the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes and asthma.

It is said that the second highest level of antioxidants activity are seen in apples. Apples contain a number of petrochemicals which includes quercetin, rutin and catechin all these are potent antioxidants. Now that we know the benefits of apple juice, one should stay away from the frizzy ones and prefer to drink a healthy and beneficial apple juice.